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Clone Release

All genetics offered are personally bred, hunted, and selected. Thousands of seeds have been hunted through to make sure that I can offer these truly elite keepers.

Check out the current clone selections & pricing below:

Please Note: There is no flower offered here. This website is solely for genetics (clones)

1. Zangria

(Zkittlez x Thin Mint Cookies)

This cut explodes with incredible, award-winning smell and has extremely resinous flowers. Zkittlez brings the strong sour candy aromas and combines it with backend doughy Cookies taste and increased power. 

What To Expect: A+ smell & taste that will turn heads when the jar gets cracked open. Definitely a crowd favorite. 

Zangria… Award winning terps for a reason.


2. C.R.E.A.M.

(GM3 x Thin Mint Cookies)

Featured in Hightimes Magazine for its ridiculous bag appeal, this cut also bring some screaming loud terps… Funky, sweet, cream. Another crowd favorite in the stable. 

What To Expect: Unique funky terps with Cookie style nug structure + great potency. The looks & smell on this one will catch everyone’s attention. 

3. Alley Oop

(Gary Payton x C.R.E.A.M.)

This cut was a no-brainer when it came time to decide which strains would make the clone drop. Alley Oop is the perfect mix of Gas, Power, and Yields.

What To Expect: Gary Payton type gas & power with added sweetness, funk, and color from the C.R.E.A.M. 

This one’s a slam dunk.

 4. Cream Smoothie

(Gelonade x C.R.E.A.M.)

This is another stand-out in the genetic stable. This one brings a ton of flavor… very loud smell with tongue staining taste to match. But the bag appeal is top notch as well. Deep purple nugs that pack a ton of flavor and smell. This one’s a winner.

What To Expect: A ton of flavor, solid potency and incredible bag appeal. Gelonade brings an intense level of taste and smell, while C.R.E.A.M. adds even more sweetness, power and bag appeal.

Deep purple colors combined with unbelievable terps!

 5. Znickerdoodle

(Gary Payton x Zangria)

This pheno is special; the clear keeper from this seed hunt. Amazing sweet dessert terps that are unlike any other standard terp profile out there. The only thing Gary Payton brought to this cross is some great, easy-to-trim nug structure. Other than that this one is all candy / dessert. 

What To Expect: Great smell, taste and bag appeal. Unique sweet creamy dessert flavor.

6. Rainbow Zangria

(RS54 x Zangria)

If you like the Rainbow Sherbert Line (RS11, RS54) then you’ll love this one. The Zangria pairs perfectly with the RS54 to make some deep purple nugs with incredible sweet creamy candy terps.

What To Expect: Deep purple nugs, solid yields, and crowd pleasing terps. 

7. Propane Valley

(SFV Og x Gassius Clay)

OG Kush dominant selection that all the OG smokers will love. Gassy, earthy terps with extra translation to the tastebuds from the Gassius Clay… this is one of my go-to strains when I’m looking for that extra kick. Not for the novice smokers.

What To Expect: OG Kush type Gas & Power

8. Gastopia

[(OG Kush x Chem 91) x Gassius Clay]

Gastopia, like the name implies, is a Gas strain paradise. Mixing some powerhouse gas and fuel strains, the smell on this one screams the moment you crack the bag. Combine that with iced out nugs that pack a serious punch, and you got yourself Gastopia. Not for the novice smokers.

What To Expect: Very loud gas with a very strong high.

 9. Fruit Stand

(Gelonade x Zangria)

The name says it all… Gelonade & Zangria combine for a terp cocktail of mouth watering flavor. This one translates very well from smell to taste, so your people will be very impressed from the time they crack open to jar to when they light up the joint

What To Expect: Fruity, Sweet Terp Cocktail


Pricing ranges from $500 – $1k per strain. Check out the individual pricing below:

1. Cream Smoothie: $500

2. Fruit Stand: $500

3. Propane Valley: $500

4. Alley Oop: $500

5. Gastopia: $1k

6. Rainbow Zangria: $1k

7. Znickerdoodle: $1k

8. C.R.E.A.M: $1k

9. Zangria: $1k

How To Get Started:

USA Residents: Click the “Text” button below and send me a quick message (mention what strain you’re interested in).

Non-USA Residents: Click the “Telegram” button below and send me a quick message (mention what strain you’re interested in).

Ill then get back to you right away to confirm the clones are rooted and go over available payment options.

* Note: This is NOT for flower, only for clones. Please do not text asking if any flower is offered.

Fiya Farmer Collabs

I currently have exclusive strain collabs with Doja Pak (Sweet Retreat & D.Lish) and Backpackboyz / 5Points (Gassius Clay & Zmokers Club).

Other world class brands running my clone selections are: Wizard Trees, Connected Cannabis, Preferred Gardens, Super Dope, Fear of Boof, Flowery, Snaxland, Big Maine Trees, Hall Of Flame, Viola, Finest Farms + many many more.

Come find out why many of the best brands in the world are running these Fiya flavors.

What’s Coming Next

There will be consistent exclusive drops from here on out; make sure to stay tuned. Got a lot in the works: 

1. Sweet Retreat Crosses

2. Zmokers Club Crosses

3. D-Lish Crosses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Clone Be Shipped?

Yes. Your clone will be sent via overnight mail with safe arrival guaranteed

Satisfaction Guarantee

All genetics come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the final flower quality, I’ll get you a new strain at no additional cost. 

How To Get Started?

If you’re in the USA, text me at: 424-283-0762

If you’re outside of the USA, telegram me at: @FiyaFarmerClones

Send me a quick message mentioning what strains you’re interested in. I’ll get back to you right away.

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